Burning mp3 ripped albums to blank cd for a cd player

what is the best way or program that can burn my mp3 albums to a blank cd to play on a cd player?


nearly any CD writing software that is capable to do Audio CD should work.


Your OS has to have the correct codecs to do this conversion on the fly.
These can be in the CD writing software or your OS as long as the CD writing software has a path to the codec.That is for an Audio CD.
If what you are after is a multialbum data CD the ImgBurn will do that.
Your CD player has to be capable of playiing this type of disc.Some are & some are not.
The newer & better quality your CD player is the more likely it will do this.

Most decent burning apps will 'convert/decode on-the-fly, when burning MP3’s to standard Audio CD…
Import or drag n drop the mp3s in burrrn for instance and well–burn them…Same thing with Imgburn, except you have to create a cue file first, and then burn it…