Burning mp3 gaplessly to CD

Ok, I’ve searched through all the threads and nothing has helped, so I’m starting a new one. I have a new CD player in my car that will decode mp3s from CD, so I want to create CDs with mp3s WITHOUT decompressing them. This allows you to put hours of music on one CD. It’s easy enough in most burning programs because you can do it by creating a data CD rather than an audio CD. However, when I create mp3s from live CDs or other CDs where tracks may blend together with no sound gaps and burn them to CD, the gaps are there. Before compressing them to mp3s, the gaps are not there. When I listen to these CDs, it seems as if there aren’t really any gaps in the sound files themselves, but either they are burned in such a way or the player reads them in such a way as to introduce gaps. Is there a program out there that can burn mp3s to CD and maintain gapless playback? A lot of software I’ve seen is capable of PLAYING mp3s gaplessly by buffering, etc., so why can’t they BURN the mp3s gaplessly? I realize I could join the uncompressed files together and then convert to mp3, but that really is not what I’m looking for – I want to maintain the tracks independently.

I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.

I am afraid the problem lies here by the player (for example winamp needs an plugin to play gapelessly, so the player get modified not the recordingmedium)

This is interesting.
I myself am also interested in buying such a MP3 player for in my car. May I ask which type/model you own?

Since I don’t have any experiance with MP3 players that are build in cars I can’t help you out. :confused:

It’s a JVC KD-SH99. I’m quite happy with it other than this non-gapless mp3 playback issue. It plays CD-Rs or -RWs with uncompressed music files or mp3s and has a line input where I can plug in my mp3 player (Nomad jukebox). I’m not sure if the firmware is upgradable, though. If so, the unit would probably have to be removed to accomplish it since I see no other way to transmit the data. If it’s not upgradable, there’s not much hope of fixing this gapless mp3 playback thing unless I want to merge my mp3s together, but then I lose the ID3 tag function, which the player will display. Plus, if it’s not upgradable, I can forget about support for other compression formats.