Burning MP3 (data) DVD playlist

I wanna burn a massive MP3 playlist from my Windows Media Player to a DVD. But there’s no option to burn a data DVD. Just data CD.

Anybody know a way around this?

I was using Nero but that will take far too long for me to find every song in all the different folders around the computer. :frowning:

I need something that can access my library and burn a playlist direct??

Any help much appreciated. :slight_smile:

There are only 2 apps that I know that’ll create a playlist for mp3 on DVD. From my own limited experience it is actually necessary to have a playlist on the DVD otherwise most DVD players with mp3 capability can’t play them.

Roxio 7.5 and Acoustica CD burner do this very well indeed. I’m sure there are others but I’ve only used these 2.

Edit: Re-reading your post I think I’ve misunderstood your need but what I’ve posted might be helpful at some point.

Do you know of any helpful web sites Tim?

It’s a shambles that you can’t burn data DVD’s straight from Windows Media Player.

Anyone know of a media player that allows it? One that will just adopt my current music library if possible.


The “useful” sites I know are more geared to video than anything audio related I’m afraid.

Hopefully someone will chip in with something helpful.

I’m not trying to be funny but does it actually fail if you try to burn a dvd?

Failing everything else, you could always just export the playlist to an m3u file, then remove all the lines starting with ‘#’ in a text editor, then load that list into a burning program - although you might need to mess around with it a tiny bit first until it’s in a format it’ll accept.

just start Nero Smartstart, select DVD, burn mp3 to DVD, drag your playlist into the file browser, Nero then checks the mp3’s, burn it have fun :cool:

It burns the playlist as a data file, no mp3’s are burned.