Burning mp3 cd troublkeshooting help!

At one point, I was able to burn mp3 cds with nero express. Now it indicates that the process was successful, but when I replay the cd, it jumps from track one to track 7 to track 13 and so on. I have tried burning with CD BURNER XP PRO and it does the same thing. Can’t seem to get it to burn properly. When I burn a regular audio cd it works well. Now since I was able to burn properly with nero express before, and now it won’t work, I figure that this is a problem with the system settings somewheres. But I don’t know where… Can anyone help???

Tks to all…

Are you trying to convert them to a regular cd? if so this is probably the best way to do it. Convert the mp3s to .wav files with cd-ex. Add the files to the compilation in the order you want. What nero may have done is burn the cd alphabetically. if you are keeping the files as mp3s create a playlist with the mp3s in the order you want and make sure to burn that to the cd. I use Winamp to create my playlists.

No, I’m not trying to convert. Before I could burn mp3 cds and have over 30 or 40 songs easy on one cd. And I was able to play these on a suitable audio machine(mp3). Now when I burn Nero seems to burn 5 or 6 songs all attached to one so that when I try to choose song # 3, I can’t. It goes directly from song # 1 to song # 5. Then song # 13. I can’t skip to song number 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12…etc… BUT… if I let the cd play by itself, it will play all the songs in order. it’s only when I try to choose different number songs.

Do you use id tags for your mp3s, maybe thats the problem. If nero is reading a different id tag for whatever reason it could cause the order to change.

Well I don’t know where to go anymore. I have checked all the settings for nero / burning/ cd burner xp pro / and I can’t seem to find anything. I have made modifications as trial and error, and have burned again giving the same results. I guess I seem to be alone to have this problem…

Well, I have downloaded winamp,as you suggested…no luck. I have done and saved a play list which was in the m3u format I think is what it’s called. When I replayed the mp3 cd it still went from 1 to 7 to 13 then 19 etc…
I searched on nero forums but can’t find anything on this. Seems like I’m the only one this happens to. Has to be some stupid detail that I’m not bright enough to pick up on…


What are you using to play the CD?

I play the cds on my surround sound system, which is mp3 compatible. I also play it in my car, equipped with a Kenwood system, mp3 compatible…
It’s this skipping by 6 thing that I seriously don’t get. When I want to listen to song # 4, I should be able to push the skip button and go straight to song # 4. But it keeps jumping to song # 7. To me it has to be some kind of setting somewhere’s that is wrong. Just don’t know where it is…


I was talking with an employee from Circuit city ( electronics retailer, and she tells me that it’s probably the burner that cannot burn mp3s because of the size of files. Apparently the files are so small that it can’t differ from one to the other. This is why it would be burning by 6s instead of burning each seperately. Does this make any sense to anyone???
Any thoughts on this?

Nope, that makes no sense whatsoever.

Are the filenames in order?

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by in order. But, I can tell you this. They are not in any particular order as far as the list to burn. I put them in whatever sequence I would like to hear the songs. When I burn, I only burn one type of files at any given time. If I do mp3, that’s all I burn in that session.
Funny how the littlest things can really agravate people eh???

Dj - check your multi-session setting…

Well not much change… I tryied different settings on the multisession and burned angain by 6s. Don’t know anymore… Almosty tempted to replace my burner… And hopefully not waste 100$$ Tks for the input

this is probably some stupid advice but…

i have burnt heaps of mp3s before, and then one day it just didnt work. i couldnt understand why when i played the cd it would be all distorted and crap, and some songs played okay but others not. it had never happened before so i burnt another cd… the same thing happened.

i eventually found out that it was the CD that was the problem. i had purchased some sony cds i never used before and for some reason everytime i burn mp3s on the sony cds they were fucked. so now i stick to the good old tdk cds that i had always used previously… and yes i have never had that problem since

perhaps you too bought some dodgy cds. i hope this was of some help :slight_smile:

I shall try that. Right now no advice is stupid. Tks for your input. I shall let you know in not too long…

Hey smooth criminal, I appreciate the input ! I have followed your advice and went along with it. Bought a spindle of TDK but unfortunately didn’t work. One good thing is that I got a deal on it !! lol
Thanks again. Me very frustrated and desperate… Any ideas floating out there, please let me know. I will try any thing once and fun things twice !

I’m willing to bet that something about the MP3’s is different. Check their tags, make sure that nothing weird is going on. It is almost assuredly not the burner, since if it were, NO discs would burn properly.

I’m going to play stupid here for a minute, which is about half right !
Without taking too much of your time and hopefully you not having to write a book to helpme out, can you explain in finer details to me about tags ?
What should I be looking for,
and what would be considered abnormal ?

Thanks for your input and help on this

Check the status of your IDE channels in device manager, make sure they’re all UDMA/2 or /5. If they are all right, you’re probably looking at a software issue and a hardware upgrade probably won’t solve the problem. Also, check the burned disk in explorer to make sure you can read all the files. At that point, based on deuction over real knowledge, I’d say something with your programming software in the lead in or closing of the disk. Make sure you’re all updated with Nero’s software. Have you updated your CD Burner’s ROM? It might help, I know I would’ve been sorely disappointed in my player if I hadn’t updated early on. You know, I’ve been having issues burning audio CDs since I installed sp2. I’d assumed it was software, but even upgrading to a newer version I have the same issues (though not as pronounced). Machines running an uncommon configuration tend to have the most issues during software transitions.

I hate Nero Express…Try useing Nero itself…Has this happened since a Nero Update!
Some Neros give problems terribly…
Like Slammy, I had some problems with certain progys the moment I updated SP2…SP3 is even worse…I now only got first part of SP2 intergrated with xp pro n not got one prob…No Updates for me ever again. Though it sounds like Nero is doing something wrong when it shouldn’t…Have you tried any other programs besides Nero Express…
I use “Easy CD-DA Extractor” for my MP3s…Great Program…Good Luck M8.