Burning movies



I had some avi files burned to a BD-RE disc, and they came out broken. Once and then the image was scattering and even movies that stopped the playback, and other that couldn’t be moved from disc to my hard drive as somewhere in the movie the playback stopped as so the file was corrupted and not possible to move to my hard drive.

I’m not sure what ISO I used, I think I used ISO9660 + UDF, maybe I should have used Joliet for avi files.
Or is it anything else I should have done?


Did you verify the burn after it was finished?


Yes I did, on both discs.


I don’t have a solution then. If the avi files play correctly on the hard drive, they should transfer properly to the BD-RE dics.

Did you burn with ImgBurn? I recommend that program for all burns to blu ray media.

Did you test playback immediately after burning? Or did this problem occur much later?

What type of BD-RE dics are you using? I don’t have much experience with them other than a few Japanese made dics that were briefly sold under the TDK brand. The Japanese made media from that time was excellent and my discs have held up well.


Now I experience this issue with a movie I have on my hard drive. Have to look into what is causing this, as this one has nothing to do with burning and it used to play back fine, as I have watched that movie several times.
I used Nero and CDBurnerXP but now I use ImgBurn.


Either its the drive or the discs, I suspect the latter.

Which brand? :smiley:


It was probably my graphic drivers that where corrupted.