Burning Movies

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i have a bunch of movies on my computer most are in a bin and cue file format, and some are in .avi i belive, however all i have it a cd burner and cd-r’s. Ive tried burning the cue file directly to the cd using nero express, and alcohol 120% image burning and such and the files are playable off the cd BUT can only be played on my computer because i have to go into the cd and go to mpegav file folder in the cd then AVSEQ01 file and open it with lan player or win dvd. So this wont work on my dvd player or my x box… so is there a way i can convert it and then burn them as scdv’s or somthing? i know its possible and if so pleeasee post what program and step by step how to do it, Thanks i need this ASAP!!

Hey RedStorm,

I would download and install deamon tools, then mount the bin/cue files with deamon tools. Then open the virtual drive and drag the mpeg file out. From here on you can use nero the burn a vcd, it should then be able to be played on ur stand alone dvd player. This method only works for mpeg files so if you have some avi files you sould convert it and then burn it with nero. Hope this info helps, post you results.

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Problem is, they’re VCDs already. Check out your DVD player at www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers and see if it will even accept a VCD.

How do i get the mpeg? i mounted it and such

Well, basically what you were told to do is take a glass of water, pour it into another glass, then pour it back into the original glass. (Sorry, that’s the best analogy I can think of right now).

You have a VCD. You can get the MPEG file out with a tool called VCDGear, and then burn it as a VCD again. But if the original VCD didn’t work, there’s no reason your new one would either. Look up your DVD player at the above link, and see if it’s even possible.

For Info . My Xbox won’t play VCDs , even with the DVD Movie Playing Kit. It is an early one though.

This is not a 100% true, i have once have this problem 2 myself. The original structure of the bin might have some error. By doing this i am making sure that the structure of the vcd is correct inorder for the dvd player to play it. On the other hand u are correct on the DVD player if it even supports this kind of format.

Hey RedStorm

First of, open the mounted dive, in it you will see a folder call “MPEGAV”. In the folder there sould be one or many files (exmp. AVSEQ01). Open that file with windows media play to see if it is the one that u are looking for. Afterward save that file to ur hd as mpeg, if not the burning processs with nero would take a very long time. After u done that then u are all set to burn that mpeg file/s with nero to create ur s/vcd.

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