Burning movies to multiple discs



I hope this is in the right forum, I’m new here. Anyway, I have a twofold problem: I de-encoded a movie from .avi using Canopus ProCoder to burn to DVD. Naturally, I got a separate video and audio file. I need to combine the two (duh), and I need to split the whole thing over more than one disc; I’d rather have to get up during the movie to switch a disc than put up with 2 hours of pixelization making “Independence Day” look like a badly-animated cartoon because of compromising with the compression rate vs. disc space.


Start by doing some reading at www.videohelp.com. There are plenty of guides and tutorials to cover what you want to do, and it will help you learn to produce good quality video’s.


For DVD authoring, which is what you’re referring to , I like DVD Lab (Pro).

As regards to splitting the movie, well I’ve found that anything under about 2:30 will still look fine when compressed to DVD-5 (4.7gb). For this I use DVD Shrink as it’s free but others like CloneDVD2. Compression does not necessarily relate to pixelation as this is usually down to a poor quality burn.

If you really want to split over 2 disks then cut the avi file in half first & encode them separately. Virtualdub & many others will do this. www.afterdawn.com & www.doom9.org are good sources for free software related to this subject.

There are also guides on this forum (Video Edit Software) which make for good reading.


If you have separate audio and video streams, you will need to re-multiplex them first. Then you will need to convert your .avi file into mpeg2 suitable for dvd (I would do target size as dvd-9). Once you have converted to mpeg, you will need to author the files into a directory to make .VOB’s and such. Then using dvd shrink, you can choose a split point somewhere around the middle. It will then output 2 folders, 1 folder will contain disc 1, 1 folder will contain disc 2. Then you can burn using nero.