Burning movies in 2 "dvd r"s without quality loss?

Hi, I m new here and I m sorry if this is the wrong place for this post. I have checked some messages in the forum but I couldnt find the answer. Is it possible to backup movies in commercial dvds in two dvdrs without any compression or quality loss?

If you don’t change the files (i.e., same format and same compression rates) your movies will not be re-encoded, so in principle quality should be the same.
You only nned the software solution to span it over 2 discs, providing you’re entitled to do so and the discs are not copyprotected.

Yes CloneDVD2 will do this.


There is a free 21 day free trial too. You’ll want to use anydvd as well to do this.


Thanks for the answers. But what about free software solutions? Is there any freeware software that can split the commercial dvds into two dvdrs?

DVDShrink v2.3: “Splitting” guide


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Thanks a lot. The guide is awesome!