Burning movies help

i have just recently started to download some movies from a torrent site,my question is how do i start to burn them on to a dvd disc?i have tried all sorts of software (winavi,imgburn,magic iso,power iso)i just cant get anything to burn,does anybody know of a software that does everything in one for simpleness?i converted the movie file(avi) with winavi and tried to burn it but no luck!!!is there something im missing or not doing?im new to this so just looking for starter help.

help would be appreciated


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I have been doing this for ages, and found what I think is the best way.
Use Convertxtodvd to convert to vob files (never had out of sync problems)
Use dvdsanta to burn.

If you want more info drop me a pm.

DVD Flick is a good freeware alternative to ConvertX if you don’t want to spend money…although slower than ConvertX quality wise I can’t tell a difference. You can also use Imgburn (free) to burn the resulting files from either program.