Burning movies and audio out of sinc with lips

:bow: Can anybody help me. I am trying to burn movies off my pc, sometimes they work great, audio in sinc with lips and sometimes they are off sinc the whole movie. I am using a purchased copy of burning software, it should do everything for me, No? Help please.

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Are these .avi files or DVD-Video?

It maybe depends on the software you are using.

hi there im haveing the same prob im useing nero vision to burn and make the menus for dvds of tv eps in avi format some eps on the disk are fine and some are about 2 seconds out of sinc any ideas or better soft ware i can use for this

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ok convert x seems to work fine keeping everything in sinc but the dvd menu it makes wont work on my dvd player it shows up but wont let me select an Eps to play

Thanks again

Yes the menuing is not the best.

Seeing as you have Nero Vision (I use NeroVision Express 3 from version 6) you can use that to finish your project. You would ‘Add’ the resultant VOBs from ConvertX, create some chapters and make your menu. As long as you have ‘Smart Encoding’ enabled Nero won’t re-encode. It should take about ½ hour to do. Save to your HD so you can check the results before committing to disc.

Nero isn’t the best encoder. Convertx2dvd isn’t that good of authoring software. You can either look at some of the all in one softwares like Ulead Studio 10, Adobe Premiere Elements, Sony Movie Studio, or, you can look at a few different individual software that will do a better job at their specific functions. You would need a good Rendering software, and then an authoring software. Any good burning program will work after that to burn it to dvd, and some of the authoring programs will do that as well.

You will get numerous opinions as to which softwares are the best. I suggest you go to www.videohelp.com. and look in the tools section, and try some of the programs and see which ones work for you. You can also download trials of the all in one softwares that I listed above.

I tryed useing nerovision to make the menu but even with the smartEncodeing turned on it still wants to recode the Eps any idea what im doing wrong ?

Did the VOBs fit, as is, in NV?