Burning movieis

can someone please help me get on the right path? i am trying to burn movies that i have downloaded as torrent files using vuze. what is the best software to use? and how do i do it?

i have a new dvd burner. made by gear head. i have nero essentials and dvd flicks. when i burn them on a disc it appears to be working but they won’t play on anything. not even on my computer. can somebody help me please?

Nero essentials is a very limited program to begin with. Without knowing what version of Nero your using it’s hard to know where to start. Also that torrent movie have you tried to play and watch it from beginning to end?? How are you burning at what speed and firmware of the drive also what media are you using? What are you playing it on that it won’t play? There are alot of questions to ask about specs to be able to know what is going on there with your dvd burns?

it won’t play on anything.i tried to use dvd flicks to burn also. i did watch from beginning to end and the movie is good. now i am going to try burning it on a dual layer disc because the movie may be tooo long for the discs i was using. i’m not good at the formatting stuff so i can;t answer all those questions. but i will let ya’ll know how it goes. thanks and i could use all the suggestions i can get

I use convertXtoDvD, so far so good

This is how to use the program Click Here