Burning Movie



Hello all
I like making little movies with Windows Movie maker and Im trying to find out how to burn a movie I created as a DVD that will play on any DVD player. DVD Shrink wount take AVI files. What would be the best way of doing this.



To play AVI movies on a standalone there are basically two ways.

The easiest is to buy a standalone able to play AVI movies. These can be found very easily and also at very low prices.

Alternatively, there are many dedicated tools that can convert AVI files into the video DVD format. These conversions, however, require a very heavy load for the CPU, so if you don’t have a powerful CPU it could be necessary to wait for many hours (even more than 24 if your machine is not powerful enough) to complete the conversion.

One of the most suggested tools by users that do such conversions is ConvertXtoDVD, but this is not a free tool.

DVDFlick is another excellent (and free, opensource) tool.


Ya I think My system is fast enough.

Thanks for your input : )


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

With that system you should be able to run conversions enough quickly and not become elder :bigsmile:

(for comparison, I have an old Athlon Xp2200 :doh:)


Wow I just found an old athlonXP board in the trash. It gave me bios so I used it in my shop at work. But ya I think its time to upgrade.