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:flower: Hi i was buring a movie i use Nero, when the movie was over, i put it into my dvd player, it froze half way through,and wouldnt continue.Do you think it is my computer? or am i doing somthing wrong when burning? any help will be great. thanks :flower:

I have found that www.dvdfab.com has a good software so all you have to do is copy the main movie, it uses less space on your dvd and it stops the problem you are having, it is all about space on the dvd you are recoring!!!

I use this sotware to copy the dvd on my computer, then I use Nero to record/burn it on my blank dvd. I was having the same problem you are, and this solved it.

Now maybe you can help me, there are some dvd’s (Little Man) and others that have too good of css protection. What out there will copy any and all dvd’s?

This is my first time on this post, so if you could post this for me, I would appreciate it, please have responses sent to tomfoss@tomfoss or tell me how to create a question in this newbie form???

Try searching the “copy dvd” forum…

Use better media.

Thank-you all, Tommyboy, this just started, before i had no problem burning movies, as for copying any and all DVDs i dont know, but Just make a post, and explain what your problem is and cd freaks club, will help you. they are a good bunch of people. thank-you harley2ride, i will look into that. Hey chef, what do you mean by useing better media? thank-you all again

If you are burning to DL media there is only one - Verbatim
The rest can be hit or miss.

If you are burning to SL media there are two - Verbatim or TY
The rest can be hit or miss.

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Hi platinumsword, i did go into verbatim, but there is a lot of drivers to download, i dont know which one to download, can you help me, which driver do i download? thank-you for your help. another thing. what is DL, and SL? thanks again

Your drive already has the right driver installed…

SL > SingleLayer
DL > DualLayer/DoubleLayer

You might consider that your disc is dirty try to clean it first then play it may be that is the problem otherwise the disc is damged disc.