Burning movie using Nero help

Hello, when I use Nero 7 to burn movies (avi format), while im burning the movie…theres a mini window that shows the movie while its burning but the movie is laggy…is there a way to get rid of it? because when I play it back in my dvd it is choppy and laggy also . I use TY DVD-R to burn movies on btw, any help? thanks

Burning? Wrong, this is first transcoding…then it can get burned.
Burn slower.

The problem could be in Nero converter. Lots of folks swear by ConvertXtoDVD.
Try that one.

What does ConvertXtoDVD do?
The problem is I have the movie file (.avi) and I just want to burn it on a DVD so I can put it in my DVD player to watch on tv. But I get really choppy/laggy images when I use nero, and while the burning process is on, theres a little screen that shows the movie, does anyone know how I can get rid of it,because it makes things really slow.

ConvertX will reencode your file from Mpeg4 (DivX) to Mpeg2(DVD). It does better job than NERO.
But if your DVD player will play DivX format, you do not need to use any converter.

I just want to burn the movie file(avi) on a DVD and watch it on DVD/TV…does ConvertX do that? I don’t think I need to convert the file…I just want to burn and play :confused:

If you have a dvd player that is capable of playing avi files, you can burn your avi movies onto a disk as simple data files. Just as you would burn any kind of data to a dvd. Check the manual for your player–if it is able to play avi’s it should say so somewhere. It may mention divx files or movies.

If your player cannot play avi files, then you would have to convert them over to dvd format before burning them as dvd-video.

ConvertXtoDVD will do this conversion, but there are other choices that are free that will do the same thing. Look at DVDFlick or FAVC.