Burning movie to cd... PLEASE HELP!

Is there anyway to burn an .avi file to a regular cd r/rw? I have also used winavi to create dvd file which converts files to the VIDEO_TS formats. But it increased the file size to 3.42G… I do not have a DVD burner, but I have never had any problems with this before. i.e. creating image file and burning it to cd using virtual drive, or just using nero7…

Another problem I am ‘recently’ having is the video quality is very poor and pixelated… The media file itself is a good rip but when transferring over to cd to play in dvd players the quality is poor… I will try to ( if I can actually get to burn to cd ) slow down the write speed.

But this is all new to me… I must be missing something =)

CD R/RW is a Samsung 240B (Dell)

Other things I have tried: Nero Recode, DVDShrink, dvdSanta, and Alcohol 120%

thanks in advance guys!

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When you convert an avi movie into a dvd format (aka ifo, bup and vob files), resulting files are always bigger than the original avi. The only way to mantain file dimensions not too large, is to burn avi as data discs, and play these discs on a standalone able to read also avi movies.

Another solution could be to split avi in segments so after converting these chuncks you obtain 700 MB files that can be burned on a CD disc.

Another solution could be to buy a dvd burner. But if you have many avi to convert, I think that the better (and probably cheaper) solution is to buy a standalone able to play avi movies :slight_smile:

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You appear to have already burned several .avi file to CD using Nero. What had changed since that stops you continuing this…? If you are burning other people’s DVD -> .avi encodings then the quality may indeed be unexpectedly bad… :wink:

Converting the .avi to DVD will of course increase the file size, and with the obvious quality drop.

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You mention that you have tried Nero Recode. If you have Nero Vision (part of the Nero Burning Suite), you can use it to make a VCD or SVCD (video cd or supervideo cd). Just open Nero Vision, choose make a cd, and it will give you the options. Quality may not be great though. How big is your original avi?

You can just burn an avi to a cd as a data file also. If it is a divx or xvid encoded avi, then it might work in your dvd player if you have a fairly new one. Not all dvd players can play them—check your player’s manual.

Well I tried to burn as a data cd, but the .avi file size is still at 900 mb, and still to larger to burn… How do you go about cutting .avi file into segments to bring it down to 700mb…

Maybe a dumb question, but is there a way to turn .avi file into a disc image, i.e. .ISO file?? ISO files seem to be so much easier to work with when it comes to burning something onto cd IMO… =)

Thanks guys… learning something new everyday!

You can get 900 MB CDs that you might be able to use with the overburning facility in Nero. How reliable they may be is questionable.

An ISO image would still be at least 900 MB so that won’t help unfortunately.

Have you considered buying a DVD burner? They’re not much $/£/EUR these days…

To cut the avi in segments you can use virtualdub, a free and very powerful software. Simply open the avi, select start and end points in edit menu, and then select direct stream copy both from audio and video menus. Finally, press F7 or select save from menu file.

In this way you have the first segment. To create the second segment, open again the original avi (the 900 MB one) and select again start and end points and save the segment (remember to select again direct stream copy ;)).

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Thanks for all the help guys! you guys are the ‘shizznit’!!!

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I have the lateset version of Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced Edition … trying to burn avi movies tha ti downloaded from the internet, everytime when I tried to use Nero Vision to burn it, everything seems to be fine, setting is set to Auto fit to disc and doesn’t seem to be too big for the 4.7GB DVD disc, but always, in the middle of the burning process, it always tells me that the file is too big for the disc and asks me to insert another bigger disc, but it’s already set to Auto fit to disc, why am i having this problem? my brother used the same program and have no problems burning even two files on one disc (695mb a file), my file is the same size he has, what should I do? and if I tried to reduce the quality, the audio/video will be out of sync, i need help, DOUBLEJL@AOL.COM, thx.