Burning .MOV file no audio

Description pretty much says it all. When I burn a dvd it has no audio at all, can anyone walk me through this, i’d appreciate it alot

Hi Scottizzle and welcome to CD Freaks
We need little bit of info from you like
what software are you using to do the backup :confused:

What do you mean backup? I’m using Nero 7.

Backup is a term for making a copy of a DVD movie :smiley: have you copied this movie to your Hard drive :confused: and if so will it play correctly with say like WMP or VLC media player :confused:

A DVD requires mpeg2 files, not mov…
So you first have to convert it properly.

does the original .mov file play correctly in quicktime?

are you burning the file to a dvd as a data file or are you converting it for use on a standalone dvd player somehow? if so please describe how.

if you’re just burning the file, what are you trying to play it back on? your computer? a dvd player?

what type of media are you using, what model is your burner? how fast did you burn it in nero?

i don’t know how you’d go about converting a quicktime file for standalone dvd use, but if you’re simply burning it as data then trying to play it back on a computer with quicktime then it should work correctly.