Burning more than one movie



Hi how do I burn more than one movie onto the same dvd so that they will play separately just like they do when you buy a dvd with two or more movies on. My first attempt ended up playing both movies one after the other like chapters. I am using Nero 7

Thanks in anticipation


Unfortunately, nothing comes cheap, in this particular case. You will need a full DVD authoring program that supports a “menu reset” (return to main menu) at the end of selected chapter(s). Those programs can themselves cost $100 or more. Nero Vision, which comes bundled with Nero 7, does not allow you to set such menu resets.


Note" each average 2 hours movie takes $4.4 GB which that is the capacity of the DVD Single Layer is, with Double Layer you might be able to have two movie on one disc. If you want multiMovie on one disc then you have to go for Blue Ray tech burner and disc.


Actually, he is needing help with the software, not the hardware. Most cheap bundled software will not allow menu returns (return to a menu at a selected spot).