Burning more than one copy VSO



Is it possible to burn more than one copy with the VSO burning engine with DVDFab Platinum? I have looked and don’t see any settings that could be changed to allow more than one copy. So I assume it is not possible with the VSO burning engine. Is that correct?

thanks snagel


It should give you a choice to burn again when the first burn is done.


Its possible with DVD Fab Platnium also.


Well, I must be missing it somewhere then. I have been using the VSO burning engine in DVDFab Platinum and I guess I didn’t see it.

Going to try it again.


look here:


Here you go Snagel, only for you my friend.


Thanks alan1476 and Jethro

I hollered wolf too soon! I went back to burn the DVD again just to see where I was missing it and sure as hell it was there. Don’t know how the hell I missed it. But I did find it just before logging back into CD Freaks and seeing the posts from alan and Jethro.

Thank you very much
to my favorite Mod and my friend Jethro

thanks snagel