Burning more than 700mb on a CD

I have seen some CD compilations that hold more that 700mb of data… I actually got hold of a CD that hold 8 versions of XP with the CD content size of 3.5gigs…
How is this possible… :rolleyes:

The CD you refer to doesn’t hold 3.5gb of files. What happens is that there are multiple links to a single set of files which when viewed shows as multiple sets of files.

You can only overburn a 700mb disk by a small amount and in the process risking damage to your burner.

well if i copy all the file 2 my HDD it will add up to that amout (3.5gig)…

Yes, becuse the same files were copied multiple times to your HDD. If you try to create an .ISO image from that disc it will be much smaller.

ThanX 4 the info guys :slight_smile:

Haven’t we already answered this question a week ago?

Yes, it was asked and answered in this thread:

Huge Cd?

Also installer zip files … ^^

about every week for the last few months :slight_smile:

And having got the answer to the original peripheral question, this subject concerning illegally-distributed software is now closed.