Burning more than 1 iso onto 1 cd/dvd

Anyone know how i can put more than 1 ISO onto 1 cd or dvd for storage purposes?
Any help would be great.

Do you want to record the ISO files themselves, or the contents of the iso files?
If you want to record several iso files on a disc, as they are, you can just record them as data files - there should be no problem with that.
If you want to record the contents of several iso files to a disc, I think you will need to extract the contents (ISOBuster or WinRAR) to separate folders and record them like that. There may be another way, but I think not, because I believe ISO images depend on the starting address on the disc, and most assume they start from the very beginning.

hi kikbug,
thanks for the info. Totally appreciate it. :slight_smile: