Burning mixed cd question

hey peeps! 1st post

im trying to figure out how to burn a “mixed” cd. i have an bin i want to burn to disc, no cue , so i created one. but i also have some other files i want to burn to the cd as well as the image. im using nero on a xpsp2 machine. i try burning the folders i needed on to the cd, then burn the image. but nero seems to only support buring an image to a blank disc. im trying to burn quake 3 with the cracks all on one disc and the bin is fine how can i get the image as well as the other files i need on to one disc?

thx in advance :bow:


Buy the game, and read the rules! :iagree:

Indeed! Excellent advice.

FYI phunman1, a .bin image is a raw image of a completed/finalised cd. It needs to be burnt in dao mode and so requires a blank cd. Further, since it is an image of a finalised cd, the burnt cd is itself finalised and so cannot have further files added to it.