Burning media to CD

I am just getting acquinted with downloading media and burning it to disc and I am a unknowledgeable novice in all regards in trying to to this. What I would like to be able to do is burn my NETFLIX INSTANT WATCH media and YOUTUBE clips onto a 4.7gb CD disc. Is there something out there, whether it be free or something I have to pay for makes no difference to me, as long as it is for simple minded folks, like myself.

A couple of things: First, burning the Netflix videos is essentially pirating, so no help with that. I will say it can be done but you’ll have to look elsewhere for how to do it. For other legally downloaded video you will need to convert them to the proper format to play on a DVD player. There are myriad conversion programs around, do some googling and/or perhaps someone else here will post their favorite program. Here is a link to five popular ones, you can read about them, download them and try them out to see which one suits your needs.

You will not be burning them to CD but rather DVD, which requires a burning program and a DVD burner in your computer. You can find information about several burning programs and DVD burners in these forums, do some searching.

Have fun and good luck.