Burning MDS & ISO files



I got a an iso that came with a mds file (file.iso & file.mds). If I go to Recorder/burn image, it won’t let me choose the mds file. Can I just ignore this file and choose file.iso to burn? Will this somehow mess up something within the dvd? I figured that the mds file has to serve some purpose, right? thanks


What contain that ISO file? And, more important, how do you get it?


it’s just an image of a cd/dvd.


Sorry if I ask, but how do you get this iso image?


Of course it’s an image… that’s what .iso and .mds files are…

More to the point, would you burning this ‘image’ to disc violate any copyright law or EULA license agreements?


Does making archival copies of a discs I own violate the law or EULA license agreements?


No, but many people here ask how to do illegal copy of copyrighted material, so we was forced to ask you how do you obtained that files :wink:

Try to use Imgburn: it’s better to burn image files.


How is it you have managed to archive a disc in a format that you can’t work with? Surely the tool you used to archive the disc would also be able to process it’s own files… :confused:


Yes you can just burn the iso the other file is a check sun.