Burning MASS copies? suggestions for a tower?

Hi, newbie here…I did a search on this and didn’t find exactly what I am looking for, so I hope this isn’t a repeat question…

I was wondering if anyone could recomned a good cd/dvd burning tower for doing multiple copies, sometimes upward of 400 or even more. We produce lost of flash and director cd’s and dvd’s and have been farming the duplication out for years and are starting to think we should be doing this in house. Can anyone suggest and link to a good product that could help us? thanks in advance for any help you can give:)


maybe I didn’t meant to say tower? like one of those machines you can just fill up with a ton of cd’s or dvd’s and it just burns away…like you can put like 50 or so, and it automatically takes them and burns them…arghhh sorry if I sound like an idiot, I have seen them, just don’t know what they are called…or what a good one is.

they are called duplicators

thanks!, can you suggest a good one? I am willing to spend more for a good quality one.