Burning many files on dvd+rw using nerocmd


I am trying to schedule a backup on dvd+rw, using nerocmd in a batch file.
It seems to work fine, however I encounter the following problem :
The file checking indicates that some of the files on the DVD are different from the files on the HD.

I use Nero and try to backup 12590 files (2,25 Go) with the following syntax :
C:\Progra~1\Ahead\Nero\NeroCmd --write --drivename e --real --underrun_prot --create_iso_fs --iso SAUV --verify --dvd --recursive i:*.*||pause

Can anyone help ? Does the last version (6.3) solve that problem which looks like a bug.


I updated Nero to but I still have got the same problem :
No error message when burning the dvd, but differences are detected during the file verification.
Actually, all the folders are correctly created on the dvd, but some of the files are copied with size=0.
If I launch the batch several times, the files that are not copied are not the sameā€¦
If I burn the files using Nero Burning Rom, it works all right.

What am I doing wrong ? Any idea ?

Thanks for your help.