Burning Main Movie with Menus


I have been using CloneDVD and AnyDVD for several years now, but have always simply made full backups of my movies with commercials and all. I have seen it hinted at on this site that there are simple ways to filter out all the “crap”.

How exactly do I burn the movie with all the menus, without burning all the commercials.

Also, will this method burn special content from the DVD. For example, if I go to the extras part of the DVD, will it have the content or will it give me an error?

I thank you all

use dvd shrink. remove/keep what you want

In CloneDVD click the first button (copy Titles).
In Title selection click “keep Menu”.

He asked how to do this with CloneDVD, didn’t he?

Hey Folks this is the AnyDVD Forum and not the DVD Shrink Forum so lets help inform Forum Members how to use AnyDVD to filter out the all unwanted items.

Open AnyDVD and click on the DVD tab. Then look under Navigation and Check “Remove Annoying Adverts And Trailers”. You then have the option to “Jump Directly To Main Movie” or “Jump Directly To Title Menu”. This will remove all the unwanted items from your DVD.

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