Burning MacImage's image file with Nero


I created an image using Macimage, and if I have done everything properly, the image is now ready to burn. However, when I double click the image file, nero opens up and is followed by an alert box telling -

Sorry, this is not a valid Nero disc image file”.

Now MacImage’s FAQ tells ->

Select the File menu, then the item Burn image. Ask for displaying all files (*.*) since Nero expects files with the NRG suffix, locate your image file and load it. Answer OK to the Foreign Image File prompt (if Nero doesn't recognize a true ISO image).
You then have to specify the parameters of the ISO file (this holds true for HFS images): Type of image: Data Mode 1. Block size: 2048. File precursor and image trailer: 0 length. No Scrambled and no Swapped.
If the program complains that there are errors in the image file, click on the button "Ignore" and launch the burning.

Wondering if anyone here has tried burning an image file created by MacImage. I’m using Nero’s trial version for the moment.

Thanks for any help guys.

Well, I have solved this problem, and found that probably there is a bigger problem waiting for me …

I have burned the CD using Roxio’s EMC, it show’d me as if it was burning, but when it finished, I found that I was having a blanc CD with no Data in it. :(:(:frowning: