Burning Mac dmgs on a PC DVD burner



as the title states… i was wondering if theres any software for the pc that burns dmg image files onto dvds.




What is a dmg image file?

Why DVD? You can only burn CD image to CD and DVD image to DVD.


dmgs are the mac version of image files. and actually it turns out that the dmg file i need to burn is over 3 gigs! thats why no cd hehe


Anything here?


lol damn im a fool… i can just burn the dmg file to the dvd and then mount it on my mac haha!!

thx for your help though man!!



I struggled with this for a while and found lots of convoluted methods but the one below is stupidly simple:
go to this site:

now download the binary version unless you have perl running already.

pull up a command prompt and run dmg2iso it will give you instructions but is basically like this “dmg2iso filename.dmg filename.iso”

once converted fire up nero and select the iso file. Nero will automatically burn it as a hfs formatted disk.



A little confusing… I’m using 98SE and Nero to burn a CD for my dad for updates for his new iMac, as he’s not getting net access right off hand. I have compiled saved webpages, program updates, things of that nature for him. There are .dmg files, but they are folderized according to each program to update. Have I ruined these files by saving them to my HDD (FAT32)? I found the DMG2ISO program, but don’t ISO’s have to have their own dedicated CD-R? I’m lost on that one.
I read the Nero help file, and it says I need a SCSI HDD with an HFS partition on it hooked up to my PC to burn a hybrid CD?! What kinda CRAP is that?!!
Any suggestions? When I convert the .dmg files, they are Three times their original size when converted to .iso! This might pose a problem already… Should I just go ahead and burn the disc and let him worry about it, or would the files be ruined during the burn? Thanks in advance!


Nevermind, I got brave and burned the disc anyhow. It worked. Thank God. Saved me a pain in the arsie bigtime. Nero tech support are idiots.


Looks like I’ll hafta buy Nero then… Cos ImgBurn don’t accept DMG file and even rejects it with the DMG changed to ISO (Someone elsewhere said to do this).

“Why DVD? You can only burn CD image to CD and DVD image to DVD”

-Most mordern burners burn CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R/RW, or DVD+_DL

I got a copy of OSX 10.5 for G4, but TOAST refuses to burn DL disks! Old version of Toast maybe.

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