Burning m2ts file


How can I burn a single .m2ts file to a DVD5?


What size is the m2ts file now? Do you want it to remain an m2ts file, or do you want to convert it to an .mkv, an .mp4, an AVCHD disk (very similar to blu ray), or possibly a dvd-video?

Where do you intend to playback the video?

Once we know your intended format and intended target for playback, we should be able to help a little bit better, but one tool that can do most of this is MultiAVCHD. The interface for this program is not very intuitive, and you choose your target output very late in the setup for each individual input file, but it can probably work for you. It can also be set to burn to a disk with ImgBurn.


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The .m2ts is I think 10GB. I guess converting it to mpg would be an option, and play it off the hard drive. It is a single episode from a TV series. I wanted to just play the .m2ts directly from the mini emachine hard drive with VLC. If I could possibly convert it to an mpg I could burn it to a DVD5 with Nero, or just play the mpg directly off the emachine hard drive. You say MultiAVCHD can convert it? I have MultiAVCHD , and ImgBurn but could not figure out how to use them in the past. That is why I bought DVDFab. But DVDFab won’t do what I’m trying to do with this individual .m2ts file.

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10gb for a single tv episode is huge. Incredibly big in fact.

An .m2ts file can have any one of several different video codecs within it. Most of the time they use H264, but can be VC1 or mpeg2. Mpeg2 is the least efficient in size, so this one [B]may[/B] have mpeg2 in it now.
You can find out by examining the file with MediaInfo (a free program). http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en

Have you tried playing the m2ts file with VLC off the hard drive? It should be able to do this without conversion. You can also try Media Player Classic Home Cinema. http://mpc-hc.sourceforge.net/

In order to fit a 10gb file onto a 4.3gb single layer dvd, you’d need to apply a lot of compression. If the file is already H264 or VC1, converting to mpeg2 would make it larger, if you keep the same quality in the encoding. Converting to mpeg2 and compressing to fit that single layer dvd target may require losing HD resolution…in other words, you might need to make a regular dvd-video out of it. MultiAVCHD should be able to do this. ClownBD has recently added the ability to produce dvd-video from blu ray m2ts files, so that might be an option too. A third choice would be AVStoDVD if you want to make a dvd-video from the m2ts file.

You could also make an AVCHD disk and keep the HD resolution, but the video would be encoded with H264 and would only play on a blu ray player with AVCHD support or in your computer.


You’re right it is huge I should have thought of that. Thanks for the suggestion about MediaInfo and Media Player Classic Home Cinema. Those sound cool. I got another suggestion from eMachine support about playing off the Hard drive such as experiment with “output device” and “Hardware Encoding using Overlay” options in VLC player. As well as possibly reduce the resolution of the HD display.

Thank You.:bow:


The Media Player Classic Home Cinema did the trick. Works like a charm. Just had to add Directx 11 update. :clap: