Burning low resolution to DVD?

Well when you go full screen with a 340x280 or 340x480 video or along those measurements you don’t notice much difference in quality. If I burn a video with pretty good quality but has that resolution on DVD, will the quality be lost on a standard NTSC TV? How about a big screen TV?

I am no expert on this, but just from what I have noticed. On a big screen TV you will probably see some pixelation.

If you are making SVCD then your "Resolution must be set to 480X480 for full screen and for making DVD standard NTSC or Widescreen then you set your "Resolution to Automatic which program automatically set the resolution for Standard NTSWC to 480X760 and for widescreen to 760X 1082.

The bigger the screen the higher the requirements.
DVD has a known resolution as pointed above. If your source doesn’t match it
you can upscale to produce the DVD, but the final result will depend on the used algorithms and software.
You will never get better than the original quality and bigger screens will tend to evidence the shortcomings.

It doesn’t work that way.

Like all electronic things there are standards. These are an acknowledgement between companies to be compatible with each others products. Same as you can pour petrol in your car, but no diesel.

Like all electronic things nobody actually complies to these standards for the full 100%. Some go the extra mile and add additional standards (Hey, i can pour alcohol in my car as well!) or reduce the standards (Damn, i can only pour 98% octane gasoline in my car!)

The difference in quality is depending only on two things:

  • your eyes
  • your level of acceptance

Now, DVD Video schematics are a pretty lossy standard. You have several fixed resolution, but always a flexible compression ratio. This means your video can be NTSC, which is basically 525 lines of info (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTSC ) and still look like crap. That all depends on the source video file and the compression ratio.

Upscaling is trying to enhance the crappy quality. Especially fun if you have a Full HD Television (1080 lines). What do do with all those extra lines? Just interpolate is easy and gives the same result as your original file: crappy. Upscaling tries to calculate the lines and makes the best of it (algorithm) to come up with a better viewing experience.

Only hardware upscalers can Virtually improve such “basic” content.