Burning Lovage


So I am home from school and have been renovating a tower I built for my family. It was past time for me to swap out some older optical drives in the machine, one was a 52x Creative CD drive i bought years ago (loud, but lasted quite a while) the other was a Sony DRU-500A. I read through a number of review articles here on the site and bought a Lite-On SHM-165P6S04C and a Pioneer DVR-111D. I have been having trouble trying to replicate a copy of Sims 2, DVD Edition. I have the legit disc but would like a second playable copy for another machine in the house. Each copy attempt thus far has failed. I have even tried with the new pioneer, but it produces copies that are completely unreadable, the system just idles trying to read the disc, previously the copies would play but i would get a message indicating the disc was illegitimate or something like that. Anyway, my question is whether or not that is a sign of a bad drive, or if the DVR-111d is simply incapable of burning the Sims 2 DVD.

Second, I am a fan of Handsome Boy Modeling School, and have purchased one of Nakamura’s side projects, Lovage - Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By. Anyway, the disc fails to read correctly in some drives and is difficult to rip. In my Toshiba Laptop using a Matshita DL DVD-RW drive the disc will not mount or on occasion will play but VERY sloppily. My creative drive read and ripped fine and so does the newer Lite-On, but the Pioneer DVR-111 has the same issue as the Matshita and a handful of other drives. Is this a copy-protection issue? Few people know about Lovage so it is difficult finding technical talk about it. Perhaps the Pioneer DVR-111 was not a good drive choice, should I return it and get another Lite-On?

Anywho, a preemptive thanks for your patience and help, sorry about the long message.


PS. The matshita drive in my ‘top is trash, have had nothing but problems, poor copies, multiple returns, headaches.

PPS. Maybe I should just keep the older Sony DRU-500A in the machine. Thoughts?