Burning long Mp3s as multiple tracks

I am a sound man for our church, and need help with burning the messages to cd. Just say I have a 45 minute long message, how do burn it onto a cd in 5 minute tracks? With K3b in Linux it was a walk in the park, but I am having trouble in windows. Is there anyway I can add the tracks in the cd burning program?

Import the MP3 file in Mp3DirectCut or Audacity, and select one 5-min section at a time and save each to separate file(s) on HDD…Then with any good/decent burning app (e.g. Burrrn, Imgburn, BurnAware etc. import the new file(s) and burn a DATA disc…Or if you want you can burn a standard Audio CD with the new files…Try it, and good luck!..


I know in Nero, you can select “indexes and splits” in the track menu.

On some other programs, you can split using a cue sheet
http://cuemaster.org/ - mostly geared to autosplitting, but looks like it may support manual cue point setting.

If it’s an MP3 file, use MP3 DirectCut. ‘Special’ -> ‘AutoCue’ (select length) -> ‘OK’. ‘File’ -> ‘SaveSplit’ -> (set parameters) -> OK…Done in six clicks…

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