Burning laser damaging discs (I think)

Hi everyone, I’ve recently started having a problem with my DVD drive on my PC and the advice I’ve had so far has been, “get a new drive.” I just want to be sure that there are no other options before I spend any money.

What’s started to happen is, in addition to the drive jamming half of the times I try to open it, my discs come out with a circular ‘scratch’ around the clear plastic bit in the middle. Thankfully it’s always been in the same place so far and so it hasn’t damaged any data…yet.

Is anyone familiar with this problem? The ‘scratch’ is really more of a ‘melt,’ (hence why I suspect the culprit to be a laser) and on some discs it leaves a sticky residue. Perhaps I should stress that this happens whilst reading discs and my concern is that the problem could develop so that I eventually end up losing data. Also, it’s a pain in the ass having to turn my computer off and shove a paperclip in it to get my discs back all the time. Any advice?

I the price now for DVD burners; I would replace it.

Okey doke, thanks a lot.

I would be very surprised if the laser in any consumer grade optical disc recorder could ever get hot enough to melt polycarbonate (even if the laser had mal-functioned). This sounds more like a friction problem to me.

But like CCRomeo said, drives are so cheap you might as well just replace it.

what do you have? and what are you looking to get?


[QUOTE=W1ngman;1924834]Is anyone familiar with this problem? [B]The ‘scratch’ is really more of a ‘melt,[/B]’ [/QUOTE]This i would like to see a pic of please :bow: