Burning Large WAV Files




Does anyone know any software i can use to burn large WAV files to CD? I have 10 WAV files that are about 200-300mb each. They are DSS files i converted to WAV from my digital recorder. I know it is going to be alot of cd’s but i havent been able to figure out how to squeeze those files onto CD’s. Is there a program that i can dump all these files into and it will prompt me for the next CD each time it runs out of room?




I’m pretty sure you can’t squeeze wavs down. I think ignition software will take your files and sort them out to best fit onto CD’s.

Thats about the best I can give you I am afraid.


If I remember when I record music off old games and such, .WAV files are considerably larger than MPEG Audio Layer-3 (MP3). I would convert the .wav files to MP3 unless you need it in .wav for some reason.


I agree with Cyberwiz. If you need it to be a .WAV then don’t read the rest of my post…

A .MP3 is a compressed music/sound file, and unless you have some of the best ears in the world, you won’t hear any difference. Just convert the .WAV files into .MP3 files using any audio/media converter. A few are:

  • Blaze Media Pro (Best media converter/CD ripper/CD burner (audio) IMO)
  • I use Sound Forge for .WAV to .MP3
  • OSSMediaConverterPro
  • WAV2MP3 Wizard
  • Do a Google/Download.com search for ‘media converter’, ‘audio converter’, ‘wav to mp3’ or ‘wav2mp3’

Then just burn the .MP3 files onto a CD using NERO. Nero has a bar at the bottom telling you how much space is left on the CD, but assuming you converted from .WAV to .MP3 , you shouldn’t even fill half the CD up :slight_smile: