Burning large iso files to (4.2 gig) to disc

Can anyone help me with step by step instructions on how to burn this file? The folder has a name and in it are two files one is a daa file 7,137 kb, the other is an iso file 4.2 gig. I would like to put these two files on a disc and I am assuming it would need to go on a dvd disc. I am running xp service pk 3. I have magic iso, power iso and nero 7 essentials software. I am not new to computers, but I am new to this process and would appreciate anyone who would be willing to take the time to help me. My e-mail is email deleted. Thank you to anyone that can assist as this is really important

Look around in your Burning software and see that you are burning it as an “Image”. I not 100% sure, but I think that might help, if not…sorry.

I haven’t used Nero in a very long time, but can’t you just drag the folder into Nero and burn it to DVD? I use Imgburn, with it you just select the folder you want burned. You do have a DVD burner and some blank DVD’s, yes?

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I’ve never seen .daa files myself, but google found this: http://netforbeginners.about.com/od/downloadingfiles/f/playingdaafiles.htm

Anyway, based on your description above, you have to files. The iso file you can simply open with your burning app and burn onto a SL DVD. The daa file will need to be opened (try the link above) and the files extracted. Then those files can be burned to (based on the file size) a DL DVD.