Burning large files to DVD

I have been copying large ISO files (over 3gb) from my hard drive to a DVD using Nero with Verify checked, Stupidly I never checked that they worked. I tried to copy one of the ISO’s back to my hard drive and got the following error message

“Windows cannot read from this disk the disk may be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows”

I have since read on the Nero site that you should use a special format to copy large files.

Is there any way to get these files off the DVD’s ?

Is there any programs out there to copy 3gb files to a DVD

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Try with Isobuster. Maybe this can recover the files.

Why copy ISO files to a DVD?

An ISO file is a disk image & typically is burned as an image, not copied.

Have you been creating ISO format DVDs in Nero?

In order to put files larger than 2GByte on a DVD you need to use a UDF filesystem, not an ISO filesystem - regardless of which burning application you use.

If I try to put a file larger than 2GByte into a DVD (ISO) compilation in Nero 6.6, I get a warning that I need to use a UDF filesystem.

Is it a long time since you burned your DVDs? Some bad media can deriorate quickly especially under hot and/or humid conditions.

You can also try using DVDisaster to recover an image of your DVD and then re-burn it or open it using any of the image tools available, such as IsoBuster suggested above.

Do you mean that the ISO must be <2GB or the files contained in it? I have never had a problem burning >2GB ISO images.

Each and every file must be <2 GByte, unless you use a UDF filesystem for the DVD.

The size of the image is limited by the available space on the DVD, e.g. 4.38 GB.

The image file must also fit on your harddisk filesystem, which means that you cannot have an ISO image larger than 4 GB on a FAT32 filesystem.

Hi Guys,

How do you enable udf format to write files over 2Gb?
Say you want to burn a dvd with a number of iso’s and one happens to be over 2gb, how would you accomplish this, without corrupting any of the images?


AS said above if larger that 2 GB files anre being used, whether they are Iso, AVI, or MOV, the UDF file system must be used

In Nero express add the files as usual and when nero detects a larger than 2 GB file it will warn you and ask you to change the disc to UDF, from there all you need to do is accecpt it

If you use nero burning rom just select UDFIso instead of Iso from the Burn > Dvd > data menu

ISO format has file size limit of 2GB. An iso file (aka a raw dump of a disc) is just anothe data file & is treated as such.
UDF format has a size limit exceeding the capacity of DVD’s.

If any files (ie: a couple of DVD ISO’s on a compilation) are greater than 2GB, nero will NOT let you add them to an ISO compilation, but will suggest that you use a UDF comilation instead.

Burning DVD images onto a Daa compilation has benefits.
Aka, most DVD games cannot be reproduced using consumer DVDwriters. Extracting your game DVD to an image & storing game updates, additional info, & a copy of an image mounting program (aka daemon tools or whatever) means you don’t need to always use your original.

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