Burning Large files to DVD options?

I have a few files I’d like to burn to DVD which are around 10 or 11 gb’s. What are my best options here please? I don’t think Shrink can work here nor even DVD9’s? What would you guys do here?

Use two

if by a few files that are 10 - 11gb, you mean that each file is that big, then the only thing I can think of is to use WinRar to make 2 compressed chunks of each file that can then be stored on 2 , 4.7 gig discs. or 1 DL and 1 SL disc.


Each file is around 10 or 11gb’s, they are recorded Football games which I have captured to my hard drive from VHS and now wish to burn to DVD, I don’t understand how “winrar” would help here, can you explain further please?

silly me :doh: dvdshrink would be fine in your case :iagree: so would dvd+/-r dl media

The captured files are in mpeg2 format so they have to be converted to be imported into Shrink, can you all give me a list of which types of formats I can convert to?

i think that dvd shrink can handle mpeg2 files

We had covered this in another thread recently, apparently it does not handle mpeg2 which is why I have to convert, no worries, I have just joined the shrink forum and am getting help with this, downloaded the TMPGEnc and am presently working on it, thanks.

I confirm: dvd shrink is not able to work with mpeg files. They must first be converted in vob.

Spent the weekend trying out a few different conversion and file-splitting softwares and finally got some to work. To sum up the amount of time spent for doing just one VHS and ignoring all of the searching, researching and trial and error and forum postings that went into this, let’s see, Capturing 1 film from VHS [3 hours], splitting that long captured film [30 minutes],converting that film to DVD-Compliance [1 hour] then Shrinking the film [6 hours] then burning to DVD so we’re looking at around 11 hours, there’s got to be faster way to this?

It all rather depends on your capture device.

I’ve got a leadtek PVR2000. On this I can capture in compressed AVI format or MPEG2 in various qualities (other formats also ).

With MPEG-2 I would then author a DVD & compress in necessary. Total time about 2 hours + the movie time.

Don’t understand Tim, my Leadtek allows me to capture in uncompressed avi format among others but converting the mpeg2 is not really the problem here, it is mainly the shrinking that is the time killer, can yuo explain further how I could have done all of this in 2 hours plus the movie time please?

It appears that the file recorded to your HDD is large because it is saved in high resolution. Can you reduce the resolution of the image so that you get about 2-3 GB mpeg file? When you convert the mpeg file to vob it should come out about 4.5 GB if it’s a little more then you can use shrink to burn to DVD.
In any case any reduction of file size from tape to the HDD will save time in shrink.

Capturing as good quality MPEG2 takes only the movie time. And then authoring to DVD would be achieved in 30 mins or so & then shrinking if necesary about the same so this really should be done in about an hour plus the movie.

I’ve got 3 HDs all on separate IDE channels so there’s no contention when I do any of this.

I’ve not done this for some time so I’ve just started a 2 hour recording.

I will look into this, thanks but won’t reducing the resolution result in poor quality?

I wish to save the video files on either cd or dvd as a backup, I am thinking of backing them up as “data” files, is this possible? If so, can I backup those files on cd?


As promised I recorded 2 hours of TV with my PVR2000 using mpeg2 & “Good Quality” setting.

This gave me a 5.4gb mpeg file. I then authored it to a DVD with Tmpgenc DVD Author - 27 mins.
I then shrunk it to fit a DVD-5 with DVD Shrink - 25 mins.
BTW I didn’t use the deep analysis settings as this was just a test. This would probably add maybe an hour.

The quality out of this was about VHS quality.

I don’t have a super fast system, this was done on an AMD XP2100 with 512mb memory and 3 ATA100 HD’s on separate IDE Channels.

That’s how I justify my timings.

Somewhare I appeard to lose the point of the thred.

So maybe it’s the deep analysis settings which I’ve used that may have taken the 7 hours and 20 minutes to shrink the 7.4 gb file?