Burning Large Dvd9 To Dvd5



Can enyone tell me if it is possible to burn a 4 hr DVD9 to 2 DVD5 disks. I use Decrypter, Clone DVD, and sometimes DVD Shrink. Is it possible I need a different program.[:confused:


What size is the actual disc you are backing up? If it’s like 8 gigabyte or whatever then it won’t matter - just use the same program as normal. If it’s over that… well, I haven’t run into any DVD9+ discs yet that I had to worry about that with. :slight_smile:


Braxas. I have discoverd that Clone DVD 2 allows you to spread one large DVD9 disc, say 7.5GB, over two DVD5 disc’s giving 100% quality. Thank’s a lot for replying to my Post, much appreciated as I am new at it all.