Burning large avi files

I am a college basketball coach and need to burn large game film avi files (app. 15 GB) to a dvd. The game is captured on my hard drive. My editing software allows me to compress the files down to 2 GB but that takes about an hour to do. I need to burn the game immediately after it is over to 1 dvd that can be played on home dvd players. I have to give this to opposing coaches directly after the game before they leave my school (around 30 min or so) Is this possible to do?

I’ve used allot of programs but I don’t think it can be done in that time frame.

You would still have to convert the AVI to DVD (unless playing it on a AVI capable player) and Converting the AVI to DVD could take hour/s at best.

If there is such a program I would love to have it.


Another thought, can you save to a DVD compatable mpeg2 instead of an AVI?

Then you could just use a program like DVD Author and then burn.

To do what you want you would need video editor and authoring software “plus” some kind of hardware encoder that can do it in real time. You have several expensive options out there (some very expensive if you have some intentions to use High Definition - and it is hard to say if it works the same way).
With the plain miniDV recordings and if you only want DVD quality you can look here for a solution that it is not that expensive (not a bargain either):


I am no expert here but I think turning your AVI file into DVD in 1 hour is already better than I would ever expect.

Why are we starting out with an AVI file?

My neighbor has one of these new DVD camcorders. Pulls the DVD out and can just make a copy onto a regular DVD that is playable on any DVD player.

There are also new camcorders that actually record to a hard drive. Got to admit I know next to nothing about them but you would think that it should be pretty easy to ceate a DVD from this type camcorder also.


Last time I checked on the dvd camcorders, they were limited to 60 minutes of video. Not quite enough for a full game.