Burning keeps messing up in Nero

Hi. I have an NEC ND-1300A burner firmware 1.0b (tried 1.08 too) and Sony DVD+RW 1x-4x media. Tried burning and the first one worked, but not without saying it failed in Nero right after the formatting stage. But, a subsequent try worked. But, now, every dvd basically fails after the formatting stage in Nero 6, and then it seems like no program even detects a dvd is in the drive (nero, dvd identifier, etc.). Any ideas?

I encountered more than once RW media (CD and DVD) that needed another try, or sometimes complete erasure, before it’d work ok. Maybe it’s just somewhat degraded media?

And what do you mean by “no program detects a DVD is in the drive”? In general, or regarding RW, or only before these RWs are formatted a second time?