Burning JPEGS in 98

Hi! I’m trying to copy some pictures (actually over a gig) to CD off a friend’s daughter’s computer. It’s very old and running windows 98. I found a burning program that will work on 98, but it doesn’t recognize jpegs. I tired a flash drive, but that doesn’t work in 98 either. Any suggestions as to what program I can use to solve this problem? Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi and Welcome!

in case you just want to create a data disc to backup some photos, any CD burning software should do the job. Let it create a data disc instead of a “photo CD” or whatever is offered.

You might try ImgBurn in Build mode.


[QUOTE=Blakes7;2289027]but it doesn’t recognize jpegs.[/QUOTE]

If your intention is making a backup for storage,any burning program that runs on Win 98 will do,even if it doesn’t recognise the images…just create a data backup and add the pictures to fill up the disc.
But I suppose that you’re trying to create a photocd that plays a slideshow,be it automaticly with a predefined time interval,or with manual forwarding.
If that’s the case,check out WinOnCd 3.8.
Not all dvdplayers support photocd’s though…

Thanks for the responses. I found imgburn, and it worked perfectly. Thanks.