Burning joint stereo mp3s

After having read dozens of posts, I decided to encode using “joint stereo” (or mid/side stereo), as I wanted to encode at 192kbps maintaining both good quality and a reasonable file size. I wanted to ask more expert users a simple question (sorry if it’s too simple): when burning joint stereo mp3s to make an audio CD, will the final tracks on the CD be standard stereo (the left/right stereo used in original audio CD)?

Maybe what I’m trying to ask is: will the resulting sound of a joint stereo mp3 song be standard stereo, when burned on an audio CD or on a mp3 CD, or even if simply read by winamp or another player?

If the answer is yes, I think that, from what I read in forums and websites, the safe joint stereo provided by Lame is probably the best choice.
The software I’m using: I recently got myself EAC and LAME (last stable versions), as on the net they really appear to be the best options for mp3 ripping and encoding. I’m a newbie, so I needed to trust others to start. It’s been hard to learn about the loads of features and parameters I didn’t know about, but rewarding at the same time. Thanks to you all, this forum has been really helpful for me.


yes they will play it as normnal stereo. i myself use lame with vbr joint-stereo at a bitrate of 192

I myself think most new mp3 codes support joint-stereo…but to be sure you can allows burn it with software that really uses lame…like EAC, CDex and burnatonce.

or even eassier the audio burning tool Burrrn