Burning japan-made cds,loss of audio quality?

I have a problem being a real freak for perfection in sound.we are all aware of the japanese cd superiority against us or euro releases.can anybody tell me if there is loss of audio quality on the burned cd?i buy japan titles-usually overpriced-and i sell the originals consequently after burning and keeping the copies for myself.i started with data cds and i noticed some difference,then i tried tdk audio cd-r and i finally chose tayio yuden audio cd-r as admittedly being the most reliable.but again,i can’t help the feeling of something changing during the procedure.you are far more experienced than me and i believe you have the answer.can a 100% cloning of an original cd be achieved via burning?and how?
I’d appreciate your help since i intend to sell some very rare titles and i’d hate not to have an equal copy for myself.

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