Burning Jackass 2 Uncut!

Hey all. Ive been trying to burn Jackass 2 Uncut but it won’t cooperate with me!! :a So i was just wondering if and of you guys know the program to burn it with?? That would be great thx guys!! :bigsmile:

This is a movie or game DVD?

Movie. Don’t you know Jackass: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Magera, Chris Pontius, Wee-man?

Haha yeh movie. But yeah i have tried every single program i have. Maybe get the trial of the latest version of AnyDvd??? If i want to use trials over and over do i just uninstall and remove the registry entries manually?

You do not use trials over and over, you buy the program.:cop:

Thread moved and follow Alan’s advice. A free solution would be dvdfab decrypter or ripit4me.

i have tried both but not the latest version of dvdfab ill give it a go

hmmm dvdfab didnt regocnise it. but i downloaded the trial of anydvd from the site and it worked YAY!! i have to convince my parents to let me buy it online!! is it safe to buy stuff like this online?

From the AnyDVD website, yes.

In the Status Window in AnyDVD could you please copy/paste all the information in there? I would like to see what AnyDVD reports about this movie.

Oops sorry my dad brought it back to the video shop. Sorry

Linx do you use AnyDvd? Do you know how often it updates?

As often as needed. You will not find another decrypter will as many updates or quality support. :iagree:

Thx I will get my auntie to come over buy me a license…My mum doesn’t like buying stuff online.

Thx again!