Burning Issues

First of all i want to say Hi to everyone, its great to be at cdfreaks.

For the past few days i am having troubles with burning any video files with Nero. It comes up with errors, restarts the computer and shows the blue screen. I have updated my LG GSA4160B Drivers, updated display drivers, updated Nero as well. Its not even getting to the transcoding stage.

Here’s is the screenshot for the error


Its LG Super Multi GSA 4160B with latest firmware.I also used cyberlink power producer but after half way it comes up with MFC error or something. I tried burning it again and same thing happ…submitted error report to microsoft and here is what they said oca.microsoft.com/en/res...f53875bf&SID=571
as i suspected, could be the RAM.

Some more findings

I tried to burn the same avi file on my laptop and this time it transcoded but didnt burn on the disc so burn process failed which leads me to believe that either the disc is faulty or there’s something wrong with Nero. I remember this happening a couple of months ago but in that case the memory stick was faulty. I was wondering if there is something with my LG writer as a lot of my DVD rw discs have gone corrupted.

Recently i reformatted and reinstalled my windows but still i cant burn…i cant even burn onto DVD R discs anymore…did memory test and it came up with lots of errors which leads me to believe that maybe the memory stick or module could be faulty…from here on i can do two things:

re insert the memory stick

have it looked at by a tech

any suggestions?



i can’t believe no one has replied yet :frowning:

You need to include full URLs to make clickable links to show your error pics…maybe that’s why you have no replies.

Post them again, this time adding http:// or http://www. to the beginning of them. :wink:

Did you replace memory sticks yet? You need to have your machine running good.

sorry about that…i will post the image shack link when i get home as i cant access that site from work and the microsoft error doesnt exist anymore

no i havent…i think thats what i would have to do and see if that works…i only bought my 512 x 2 RAM sticks few months ago. Now i cant even burn CD’s and also when i tried to update the firmware, it says failed to read data or something. Also when i try to burn using power producer it says “either disc or drive is not ready”.