Burning issues

Hi all,
I have a problem with burning audio cds.They will play on anything exept my Technics Hi fi. This did not used to be a problem as older cds that I burnt still work but any I do now do not.I have a Teac W54e writer, I have reinstalled it ,I have reinstalled driver.I usually use nero but have tried others but to no avail. I did read on a forum once that there could be an issue with Incd.I did install this once but now is uninstalled. Could there be some trace of this in registry causing my problems.When I place cd in hifi, you can see all of the tracks but the cd keeps spinning.Occasionally they will work, perhaps by trying to play just one track and when it starts skip back to track one, then whole cd will play.This is really drdiving me mad and any help that you can suggest will be very welcome.


I wouldn’t think that it would be incd causing it. The problem with incd or any other packet writing software is that they constantlly access the drive to see if you have inserted a disk formatted by them. They can actually access a drive right in the middle of a burn or rip and cause it to crash. They also sometimes like to take control of a drive where other software cannot use it. If the burns are completing then I wouldn’t think it would be incd.
There could be several issues that could cause that but one of the more common ones is you have ran across a media that the player doesn’t like. Does it happen with diffrent brands of blank media?

I use TDK and Philips which is what I have always used

Verbatim Pastels & Super AZO I’ve found to be pretty compatible with any player. The Pastels are a Taiyo Yuden dye , so they’re pretty damn good.

Most also recommend burning at no more than 16x, although I’ve not found speed to be an issue with the Pastels.