Burning issues. Need some help!

I have DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, and Nero.

I put one of my DVDs on my hard disk and went to DVD Shrink and hit backup and selected my burning drive. I put the disc in, watched it encode (everything was there in the preview). When it was finished, I put the DVD in my DVD player and it has trouble getting through the previews and when I hit menu, it goes straight to a scene near the end of the movie and subtitles are automatically on. This was the first one I tried and I have no idea how to do it correctly or if I’m using the wrong kind of discs (I have DVD+R, although the fine print says that it conforms to DVD+RW Basic Format Specifications) or if I need to change some settings in DVD Shrink. Thanks in advance.

DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink were both fine programs, but are no longer updated to deal with newer structural protections put into some of the newer dvds.

I suggest using DVDFab HD Decrypter. It is the free section within DVDFab and will continue to function even after the trial for the main part of DVDFab expires. You can find it here: http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

Use it to decrypt and rip the files to the hard drive. While you have the trial working, you can do the entire process, decryption/ripping/compression/burning with DVDFab. It is an all in one program.

Once the trial is finished, you can use DVDShrink to reduce the size of the ripped files to fit onto a blank dvd. You can also select just the main movie, or cut out extras with DVDShrink.

Not sure if this makes a difference as I’m new to this, but I’m using FixVTS and and RipIt4Me along with the DVD Decrypter.

Those were fine programs also in their days but like Kerry said they may longer work with the newer movies coming out as RipIt4Me is no longer updated, try what he sugessted

Unfortunately as stated RipIt4Me cannot handle a few of the newer movies being brought out, so advice given is solid.

I just ripped and burned the movie using DVDFab and when I put it in my DVD player it doesn’t even load. The last one I tried loaded just the disc was burned wrong. Thoughts?

Try a DVD-R disc.

What media did you use, and what burning speed? Did you do the entire process in DVDFab, or did you compress with Shrink?

Did you test the burned dvd in the computer? If you don’t have software for playing dvds there, download VLC. www.videolan.org

You might also test the dvd before burning…straight from the hard drive. See if it plays correctly at that stage.

By a process of elimination, you can find the problem that is causing the dvd not to play on the stand alone player. Many times it comes down to poor quality disks, or a disk that has been burned at too high a speed for that particular type.

I normally use freedvd, also by dvdfab, and dvd shrink. Works most of the time and a lot faster than when I have to use DVDfab hd decrypter. I also
use fixvts with DVD hd decrytper because if I didn’t, I would get errors. Not all the time but enough to cause uncertainty if my burn was really good. Dvd Shrink would crash or stall and if I used fixvts then DVD Shrink would
invariably finish its job. Having to use dvd hd decrypter and fixvts (which is very good but time consuming as is DVDFAB HD) takes a lot longer but sometimes necessary than freedvd-dvdshrink.

I have only seen a few people on various boards having a few problems with
DVDFAB HD Decrypter with DVD Shrink so maybe we are the lucky ones or
have the same systemic problems. I use Xp and Vista. FreeDVD is similar to
DVD43 but a few more manual steps.

I finally started to get some to work, but when I was trying to backup Equilibrium (which is my favorite movie), everything seemed to work fine. I used DVDFab and the ripping went fine and so did the burn, yet nothing plays on the disc. As I am still very new to this, I was wondering if some movies just can’t be backed up or if I am still doing something wrong. Thanks fellas.

The disk does not play on the computer using VLC?
The disk does not play on the standalone dvd player?

If it won’t play on the computer, we have a major problem. If it won’t play on the standalone, you’re probably looking at poor quality disks/burned too fast. Use some Verbatim 16x -R disks burned at 8x for a test.

The disc does not play in the computer

Ok go through it step by step:

Do the movie files you have decrypted and ripped to the hard drive play on the computer using VLC? One easy way to do this is right click on the Video_TS folder and you should have an option to [I]Play with VLC Media Player[/I]. If this works, go to the next step.

Do the movie files you have compressed using either DVDShrink or DVDFab play on the computer using VLC off the hard drive? If you burned straight to the disk, do it again, but save the compressed files on the hard drive and try to play them.

I just had the same thing happen with another DVD. The process had been working but these last two go on the hard disk fine and don’t burn right for some reason. I put the discs in the computer to play and it doesn’t even pick up the disc. Thoughts?

Are you using DVDFAB as Kerry suggested? FAB will make a file on your hard disc or if you prefer, you can make a folder to send it to. After that, you can burn with FAB, or since you have Shrink and may be more comfortable with it, use that.

I used FAB to both rip and burn

[QUOTE=jshma;2309350]I used FAB to both rip and burn[/QUOTE]

If you can’t get it to play back on the computer, then my guess would be the discs you are using. In my experience, when I couldn’t get playback on the 'puter it was because I had used some poor quality discs.Try it again, and this time use Verbatim discs.