Burning issue

Please help… I have been burning films for a while using nero… but for some reason when transcoding is finished, my dvd drive spits out my blank dvd… it has happened before occasionally, but it is every time now… tried using different dvds, thought it my be my media… but same thing happens… I canty get anything to burn using nero… my dvd burner works with sonic… but soon as nero sends messages to my burner, it ejects the disc… tearing my hair out now…

system is win xp se.
nero 6 reloaded.
using trial version of nero 7 (this makes my pc shut down hlaf way thru transcode)
burner is philipsdvdr1648p1

thanks in advance

Caz :sad:

Do you have the most current version of Nero 6 (6.6.14)? Try uninstalling your drive (in control panel uninstall your Primary IDE and Secondary IDE), reboot, and let windows autodetect all devices.

i heard a lot of people have problem wit Nero 7 version :confused: so that could be a problem. As for what’s the cause i don’t know. sorry.

Hi thanks for that… I managed to burn one film… then the same happened again , the pc shut down during transcode…gonna re install nero 6… think ive got the latest nero 6 version… I bought nero package from shop, then installed all updates for it… just hope that I can re install it, and re register it… fingers crossed…if it still fails, I will uninstall drivers… ive done that before when dvd stuck in Pia mode… even tried to burn them as a data dvd, but then my stand alone dvd player wont play em… it has played data dvds before… will check back with results… thanks… Caz

Cant burn anything… nero works fine, until transcoding is finished… it will not burn project to disc??? :sad: I wouldn’t care but transcoding takes about the duration of the film…so its a long wait to find out that it aint gonna work…im not even getting error messages… nero simply shuts down, and I m left looking at my desktop??? I uninstalled nero 7, and re installed nero 6, with all the available updates…

virus scanned, spybotted and adawared the pc… any problems have been fixed… so im at a total loss as to what to do next… any suggestions?

a very puzzled caz.

Did you use Nero Clean Tools to clean up the previous installations?

It’s never a good idea to burn directly from NeroVision. Always create either an image (ISO preferred) or hard disk folders & burn later. This way if the burn fails you only have to do the burn again , not the whole transcoding. Also on a burn failure you get a more useful log created.