Burning Issue with my samsung sh-s182d

i have got a toshiba satalittel p 4 2.8 512 mb ram, i recent got this samsung dvd writer sh-s182d, its attached with an usb external. i am having problems burning bot cds and dvds with it.

the thing is i had the same problem with the dvd cd writer combo on that came with the laptop, i figured it was messed up anyway, wht happens is that after starting a burn with windows regular software the part where is reaches to finalize a disc it says disc was unable to be finished.

the same thing in nero, it give an error sayin the burn was aborted. i dont understand why, i am using sony dvd -r 1x-8x. and some anonymus company cd rs. one more thing i installed the nero 7 permium, in that the part where it sropped was at 22% it said the device is not available. i have also upgraded the firm ware to sb04


Surely the usb enclosure/chipset is the problem here, the drive normally comes as internal ide drive…

Maybe you could get the 184 version which is external and should work “out of the box”?

thanks chief, but i am what you call a NOOB, could you please ellaborate? i have a 5.25" external case usb2.0 the box says high speed storage system for 5.25" DVD" thats all i can gather from it. if you could guide me more i would sincerely appreciate it.

Nevermind gentlemen, the external drive casing was at fault here, all is solved. thanks anyway.