Burning .iso to 2nd session

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a hybrid enhanced audio CD - ie a CD Extra where the data track will work in both a Mac and a Windows platform. I have used a program called MacImage that has given me a .iso file, which I could easily burn as it is to a blank disc and my data files would work on either platform. The creators of MacImage claim (see www.macdisk.com) you should be able to do what I want to do by burning the audio files first, without closing the disc, and then burning the .iso file to the disc as a second session, this time closing the disc. I’ve done this before of course, just using a regular data disc setting but never with an image file.

The problem I’m experiencing is that Nero (and Primo for that matter) refuses to burn the .iso to anything but a blank disc. It doesn’t care that the disc isn’t closed - it flat out refuses to burn an .iso as a second session. I tried installing the multimounter utility from nero’s website, thinking that was the solution, but it didn’t make any difference.

Has anyone done this before on a windows platform? Any idea’s how I can get Nero to burn the .iso as a second session? Or, if anyone knows of any other software that would do the trick… or a different way to get to the end result I want (short of buying an Mac and using Toast) I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you.

Anyone have any thoughts at all? This is driving me nuts.